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Charlotte School of Law

Charlotte School of Law (CSL) will serve as the anchor tenant for this the office building. CSL will occupy twelve (12) full floors, 250,000 feet of the building. Xzact was engaged at the conceptual design phase of the project.  The Xzact Team work in conjunction with the project management team (Matrix Real Estate Services), architect, MEP and client to provide the physical layer design for the project.  Xzact’s design was integrated into the DD and CD package to provide a complete solution for the client.

 The scope of work involves the installation, termination, testing, and labeling of four hundred thirty-three (433) blue Category 6 Plenum Data station cables, four hundred six (406) white Category 6 Plenum VoIP station cables, three hundred five (305) gray Category 6 Plenum Misc. station cables, one hundred seven (107) green Category 6 Plenum wireless access point (WAP) cables, eleven (11) 12-strand OM3 Armored Plenum fiber optic backbone cables, sixty-six (66) orange Category 6A Plenum copper backbone cables, eleven (11) white Category 6 Plenum Analog backbone cables, three (3) 12-strand OM3 Armored Plenum Server Room tie cables, and seventy-two (72) Category 6A Non-Plenum Server Room tie cables.

Xzact provided CommScope manufacturer’s warrantied solution for the copper cabling portion of this scope of work.  The fiber backbone scope of work will be covered under a Corning (NPI) manufacturer’s extended warranty.

Xzact included low voltage permits per Mecklenburg County Code.

CSL has been an Xzact partner since their first campus in Charlotte in 2006.

Providing a complete a network critical physical infrastructure for a large enterprise, is usually associated with high-cost and extremely complex designs.
Xzact designs and implemented solutions following the opposite approach. Design and build to meet your needs today and future growth requirements.